Since someone deleted all of this, I will quickly paraphrase some key concepts. Someone should really write an actual article though, so feel free to add on to or replace this. Also, i'm just doing some quick work so take it with a grain of salt.

Clothing: Clothing items are armor-type items that can be obtained from loot piles. They can do no, low, medium, and high protection. Clothing is equipped via the inventory in the clothing slot. Some are...

-Robes (Green, blue, black, red, yellow, and purple), Low defense

-Tactical Monkey, low defense

-Fireman's clothes, medium defense

-SWAT Gear, high defense

-Military Clothes, High defense

Examples of decoration only clothing is...

-Monkey Suit, no defense, however provides stealth when in forest-like areas

in small (9 Items), medium (18 items), and large (21 items). They also come in a variety of colors. Backpacks are equipped via the backpack slot in the invere it will then bring up the "Open Backpack" button. The backpack can also be accessed via the "B" key while outside of the inventory.

-Vests are similar to the backpacks, but have less storage, only come in one size, and have less colors (tan, grey, and green). They can be equipped via the vest slot in the inventory, and can be opened with either the "Open Vests" button in the inventory or the "G" key. you can also have cooler tingdgdfsgsdfg