The crafting function included in Minecraft is not used very much in Crafting Dead: Cure. Currently, there are only a few simple uses for the crafting grid; can opening, makeshift splint crafting and syringe filling.

Opening Cans

Putting a closed can and a can opener or a screwdriver into a crafting inventory together crafts and opened can at the cost of some can opener durability.

Makeshift Splint

Putting 3 clean rags and 4 logs in the right configuration crafts a makeshift. You can use rope instead of rags.

Syringe Filling Edit

You are able to move the RBI Cure Bottled into a syringe by placing both an empty syringe and the bottle into the crafting table to create an RBI Cure Syringe.

Infecting a clip Edit

Get an RBI Syringe (Orange One) and craft it with the mag you would like, in order to get an RBI Syringe (Orange one) you can either loot it or get it by right clicking a zombie with an empty syringe syringes are found in medical loot piles, residential loot piles rare loot piles and more... Therefore they are easy to find.


New players use the Empty Syringe on kit starter to apply the RBI Syringe to your m1911 magazine!

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Makeshift bombs Edit

you can use a raw explosive, a electronic signal, and a pipe to make a pipe bomb, it is just like a grenade.